About us

"Avino Francesco, a real passion for shirts ..." Thus, in the name of this passion, Avino inaugurated in 2001 its own tailor's tailoring, interpreting the Italian style through the dictates of the authoritative Neapolitan school. This new adventure begins that will bring Avino and its Neapolitan Laboratory to increasingly gain the trust of its customers with careful work and excellent service. Every year with a steady and satisfying growth, the shirtmaking laboratory produces garments that reach their admirers in all parts of the world with a lot of Neapolitan passion.


The passion that daily characterizes the working method of the brand Avino Laboratorio Napoletano is to put at the center of its production mission the high quality of the finishings accompanied by a careful and meticulous construction throughout the entire production cycle from cutting to the ironing of its fine fabrics all strictly double twisted.
The cut, fundamental operation of the Avino Laboratorio Napoletano brand in the creation of a shirt, is carried out with the utmost care and in the absolute respect of any drawings (both stripes and squares) arranging that the parts are assembled with extreme precision in the towards due, in order to make them fit in every part of the shirt.



Time changes us, time transforms us, time leads us to new knowledge, but it is from the past that the brand Avino Laboratorio Napoletano builds its shirts with style, craftsmanship and finishes made strictly by skilled and experienced hands. The handmade stitching and quality fabrics make up the real difference between a shirt and ... a real tailored shirt. Then when each part of the shirt enhances the motifs of the fabric and adapts perfectly to the wearer's figure, only then, a piece is truly unique and inimitable.

Francesco Avino
Laboratorio Napoletano